A sliding fee scale is a tool for building economic justice and it requires your active participation. A wide range of payment options across the scale promotes broader accessibility, while insuring fair compensation to the producer.

Sliding scales are often based on individual income levels, with people of higher incomes paying more. However, many factors complicate and affect our financial status. Some groups of people have costs that the larger population does not. Others have access to resources that are not always reflected in their lifestyle choices and income levels.

Please consider both your class background and earning power when choosing your payment share. Market price for private physical therapy services in the District of Columbia run from 140$-230$ for an hour session.

For a general baseline of what to pay please start with your annual income. If you do not know your annual income, take your monthly income and multiply by 12.

Annual Income Evaluation Fee Follow-up Visit

Under 10,000 Pro Bono Pro Bono

10,000-19,000$ 40.00$ 15.00$

20,000-30,000$ 60.00$ 20.00$

30,000-40,000$ 80.00$ 30.00$

40,000-50,000$ 100.00$ 45.00$

50,000-60,000$ 120.00$ 65.00$

60,000-70,000$ 140.00$ 85.00$

70,000-80,000$ 160.00$ 105.00$

80,000-90,000$ 180.00$ 125.00$

90,000-100,000$ 200.00$ 145.00$

100,000$+ 220.00$ 165.00$